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Wake Up! Care Tips

Please read the following product Care Tips to help you enjoy the Wake Up! Bath & Body Collection to its fullest. The collection is naturally made, therefore care should be taken to maximize enjoyment and use.  Unlike many products on store shelves today that are riddled with chemicals, parabens, artificial dyes and harsh preservatives, the Wake Up! Bath & Body Collection is naturally made in small batches.  The skin is the largest organ and absorbs what is put onto it - much like eating - "you are what you eat", our skin reflects our choices as well.  Thank you for choosing to nourish your skin.

Always Use with Clean, Dry Hands.

Wash hands and dry thoroughly before using product.  If you are unable to wash your hands, then it's best to use a clean utensil to scoop product onto hands, lips or body.

Store in a Cool, Dark Place.

If you live in an area where there is high humidity and warmer weather, it is okay to refrigerate products during summer months and heat spells. 

Do Not Share Products with Others.

Due to the potential of cross contamination, it is not recommended to share open containers with others. However, we DO recommend gifting brand new products.

Do Not Use on Broken Skin or Lips.

This is a safety precaution.

Lip & Body Collection.

The collection is not intended for use on the face or near the eye area.

Close Lids Securely.

Replace the caps and lids securely.  Be careful not to over tighten as the lid can break or the seal can weaken.

Best Within 3 Months of Opening.

This is a guideline only.  Depending upon environmental factors, this can change by product type. Many products will last for several months.

Contamination in Opened Jar.  Discard Immediately.

Contamination can occur for many reasons in naturally made products during use.  Environment contamination is the most common - heat, water, humidity and bacteria introduced to the jar - to name a few.  Did you know that the most common way to negatively impact a product is through lid contamination?  Setting the lid down on an un-sanitized surface and then placing back on product can equal product contamination.

Damaged Containers.  Do Not Use.

If you receive a container damaged in transit, please contact us immediately for replacement or refund.  Do NOT Use.  In addition, quick action helps with shipping carrier claims.  Do NOT discard damaged container until you contact JAVA & Co. for instruction.  Pictures will need to be taken to satisfy shipping carrier claims.


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