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www.javaandco.com ~ JAVA & Co.'s main company website offering complete collection of JAVA & Co.'s artisan specialty foods.  Order online 24/7 via secure website ordering.  Delivery to your door.  What could be easier?!

Amazon.com ~ Offers a hand picked selection of JAVA & Co.'s artisan specialty foods and gifts.  Order online 24/7.

Specialty Markets ~ Central Illinois.

During the spring, summer and fall seasons look for us at specialty markets throughout Illinois.  Remember, you can place your advance order online and we'll deliver it for FREE to the local market we're attending that week.  We'll post an updated market schedule on our blog.  JAVA & Co. Blog.  Stay tuned throughout 2018.  Note:  In the event of severe weather, JAVA & Co. may be absent from the markets.

~Bloomington Farmer's Market | 2018 Season, May through October | Saturdays, 7:30 am to 12 Noon | FREE Delivery of www.javaandco.com online orders to the Bloomington Market.

~Peoria Riverfront Market | 2018 Season, May through September | Saturdays, 8:00 am to 12 Noon | FREE Delivery of www.javaandco.com online orders to the Peoria Riverfront Market.


Please visit our Wholesale page and complete the online form.  A state re-sale tax number is required.  If your state does not have re-sale tax numbers, then please provide a copy of your business license via email or mail a copy to:  Attention:  Wholesale, JAVA & Co., 303 Market Street, Henry, IL 61537. 


JAVA & Co. specialty foods have been registered and approved by the state of Illinois, stating and confirming accepted products are made, produced, processed and packaged in the state of Illinois.  We are a proud member of the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Buy Illinois Network.


Orders are made by hand, packaged by hand and labeled by hand.  It is a time-consuming process, but it allows us (husband and wife team and owners of JAVA & Co.) to ship you the freshest product - directly from our kitchen and into your hands.  For example, our caramels average four hours to make and then time for cooling down and packaging - approximately seven to eight hours - for one batch of one recipe of caramels.  The coffee infused syrups average four hours to prepare one recipe and yield 8 bottles.  Yes, 8 bottles.  Now often, we will make a batch of 8 bottles and have immediate orders for 6 of those 8, or sometimes even 1 of those 8.  Subsequent orders received of that recipe will ship immediately. 

If we (JAVA & Co.) contracted with a large manufacturing plant, we'd have product sitting on the shelves - getting older by the minute, packaged and waiting to ship.  And if we did this, we'd be like 98% of the companies out there - we wouldn't be JAVA & Co. specializing in made-to-order handcrafted artisan specialties. 

When will you get your order?  For retail orders, we ask for approximately 3-5 days to prepare and produce the order PRIOR to shipping time.  For wholesale orders, we ask for approximately 2 to 4 weeks (depending upon the season) to prepare and produce the order PRIOR to shipping time.  We love what we do and hope that you too will find that it is worth the wait!


Please place orders 10 to 15 DAYS prior to date needed - allowing time for receipt of orders, processng of payment, baking, packaging and shipping.  During the holiday rush, please allow up to an extra 5 days.  As always, contact us with any special order and/or last minute delivery requests - email javaandco@live.com.  


Why won't my promo code work? 

There are some items and categories which may be ineligible for discounting, i.e., JAVA Pink! Campaign for the Cure, etc.  The item in the cart may be an ineligible item.  Promo codes cannot be combined with other discount offers, such as FREE SHIPPING, etc.  One promo code can be entered per order.  In other words, two different promo codes representing two different discounts will not work if entered on the same order at checkout. 

WAKE UP! BATH & BODY COLLECTION:  Product Care TipsThe Wake Up! Collection was discontinued in September 2017 and is no longer being made.

BLOG:  Visit the owner's Blog JAVA & Co. Blog and keep up-to-date on local markets, new product launches and gift incentives.

PRESS RELEASES:  Take a trip to our Virtual Press Room JAVA & Co. Press Room for news releases, product launches and informational updates. 


Click Here for Updated Buzz.  To stay informed of upcoming JAVA & Co. Events - sign up for our newsletter or visit our Facebook page. 


Click Here to Sign-up for our Company Newsletter.  Type 'Newsletter' in the Subject of the email and include your contact information and email address.   


Earth Day - each day and everyday.  In an effort to be green, go green and support green, JAVA & Co. is taking steps toward helping the earth.  We know we have a long way to go, but we're doing what we can to contribute to the health of our planet.

~Emails, digital scans and electronic signatures are maximized for efficiency and savings to allow for minimal printouts and hard copy mailings.
~We use reclaimed 16 ounce glass bottles for our syrups.  The 3.4 ounce and 6.8 ounce bottles are new, but all of our bottles are made from glass and can be recycled or repurposed.
~The wood for our handcrafted gift crates is upcycled from a local lumber yard.
~We coordinate with the local extension office for recycling of packing peanuts and other packing materials.
~Go Green and Recycle!  Bring your empty (unbroken) glass flask bottles to us at the farmer's markets and receive 25 cents off of your next market purchase.  Bottles must be JAVA & Co. bottles and be in re-useable condition - no breaks or cracks.  If bottles are broken or cracked - please use your recycle bin to recycle.

Animal Rescues & Shelters

~Now you may wonder, what does this have to do with specialty food?  Not a whole lot, but it is a cause very close to our (founders of JAVA & Co.) hearts.  Shortly after we lost our first boxer at age five to cancer, we adopted a little girl from a boxer rescue organization.  The Boxer Rescue found her in a local pound, an owner surrender.  She was very sick and weighed about 33 pounds.  The rescue paid for her recovery; paid to have her spayed and we welcomed this frail, sweet dog into our home on September 12, 2001, the day after 9/11.  We named her Roni, which means Rejoice!  She healed our hearts!


In 2008, just months after we started our artisan small batch company, JAVA & Co. first was accepted into NASFT’s member candidate program – a new program designed and implemented to foster assistance and growth in specialty food start-ups.  Committed to quality and with a discerning reputation - not all applications and product samples are accepted and approved for candidate membership - we felt very fortunate.  JAVA & Co. submitted additional product samples and applied for full membership in the spring of 2010.  The innovative coffee infused syrups and JAVA Spice launched us into favorable approval.  It is a true honor to be accepted into this worldwide recognized and industry respected organization as we continue to grow our new business with the support of N.A.S.F.T.!


JAVA & Co. wants your online shopping experience to be secure, smooth and seamless from ordering, through payment processing and to the arrival of your specialty gift.  Stripe credit card processing and PayPal are available for VISA, MC, AMEX and Discover credit card purchases. 


Depending upon the item ordered - 1% Food and / or 6.25% Candy and / or 6.25% Gift Merchandise Sales Tax is collected for Illinois orders.  For out of state orders, individual consumers are responsible for reporting and paying their applicable Use Tax as outlined by their residing state.


The relationship with our clients is very important to us.  JAVA & Co. does not sell client information.  Please visit our Privacy Policy page for our in depth Privacy Statement.


Our guests' security is of the highest priority.  We have partnered with both Stripe and Paypal for SECURE credit card and payment transactions. 


Information contained in this site is subject to change at the discretion of JAVA & Co.  Pictures and product descriptions are representative of our items and are subject to change.  Items may ship out with different packaging than what is listed or showcased online.  JAVA & Co. will remain true to our branding and quality at all times. 

JAVA & Co.'s site information (www.javaandco.com), to include any and all pictures, descriptions and logos are the sole trademarked property of JAVA & Co. and may not be reproduced or copied without the express written approval of JAVA & Co. and it's owners.


Our baked goods may contain DAIRY, SOY, WHEAT, TREE NUTS and/or PEANUTS as indicated in the product description and on the nutrition labeling enclosed with the product.  In addition, our JAVA Nut Syrup contains HAZELNUT OIL and/or HAZELNUT EXTRACT.  Please be aware that even our products without nuts can come in contact with nuts in our kitchen, and you should take the necessary precautions.  If you are sensitive to CAFFEINE, please note that each of our syrups contains CAFFEINE, except the Original Swiss Water DECAF, available in our 16 ounce glass bottle. 


The simple answer is no.  It is important for us to bring our customers premium ingredients at affordable prices.  There are items in our collection that we make with gluten free, non gmo, organic and fair trade ingredients and we offer full transparency on our offerings.  However, these ingredients aren't available exclusively (i.e., 100% organic) throughout our collection or even throughout individual recipes, and therefore, to include the potential for cross contact in our commercial kitchen and other reasons, our recipes and end products as a whole are not certified organic, fair trade, non gmo, kosher or gluten free.


JAVA & Co. is registered with the FDA and adheres to the food labeling standards and requirements as set forth by the FDA.  JAVA & Co.'s small batch production qualifies the company for the FDA Small Business Nutrition Labeling Exemption.  The Nutrition Label includes the nutrition chart noting calories, protein, carbs, sugars, etc. per serving.  The list of qualified firms claiming the exemption can be found on the FDA website.  Firms must update and file written proof of their exemption status annually.  Click Here for the link to the FDA website.  The Small Business Nutrition Labeling Exemption does NOT exempt a business firm from providing the labeling standard to include but not limited to:  ingredient listing (listed in order by ingredient weight), allergen listing and net product weight. 

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